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From Keg Connection:

The last week has been disastrous for our State of Texas. We experienced record shattering low temperatures extended over a longer period of time than most of us can ever remember happening. Massive power outages, municipal water supply shortages, and millions of dollars worth of damages to homes and vehicles has made life in the Lone Star State difficult since last Sunday.

Up until this past weekend, we haven’t even had the power (literally, no stable electricity) or ability to send any newsletters out to you because our headquarters were shut down due to power outages. Our team, a company of less than 10 people, also, individually, dealt with power outages at our homes, lack of available clean water, and frozen road conditions that kept us trapped in our homes until the weather let up.

After all of the adversity we experienced this week, we are proud to say that we’re back up and running. Our employees have voluntarily been back to fulfilling orders this weekend and are eager to get back to work on Monday milling grains, packing ingredients for recipes, building kegging kits, and more. We may be a small crew, but we’re fanatical and passionate about homebrewing and we love that we’re able to get back to our normal day-to-day.
Our carriers will also resume picking up and delivering packages starting Monday, which means your orders will be back to FAST shipping from our warehouse.

Since we did experience multiple days of outages, we also experienced multiple days of unseasonably low order numbers. Many of you reached out to us to let us know that you withheld from placing an order to not stress us and that you’d place it once we got back to ‘normal’ (and we greatly appreciate that) but let me proudly proclaim that we are BACK TO NORMAL!

Please – place your orders in confidence knowing that our operations are back and fully functional. Our team is 100% back and ready to help make your brew day better! Call our phones on Monday if you’re in need of our renowned customer service experience and any assistance for placing an order.

This year, we’re celebrating our 15th anniversary as a company, Kegconnection LLC. Our Mom & Pop shop run by Todd Burns and his wife, Liz Burns, truly appreciates your loyalty and support over the years. You have many options to choose from for your homebrewing supplies and we’re honored that you’ve chosen us. You have always been there for us and we’ll always be here for you because of it. Thank you for your support and encouragement during these recent difficult times.


Team at Keg Connection


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