Rare Deal: 14 Gallon Blichmann Fermenator Conical with Tri Clamp Fittings – $649.99

Blichmann Fermenator Conical - 14 gal (Tri Clamp Fittings)

Blichmann Fermenator Conical – 14 gal (Tri Clamp Fittings) via MoreBeer

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This stainless steel conical fermentor features a weld-free interior, a dump valve for removing yeast and sediment, and a rotating racking arm for transferring. Prior to bottling or kegging, you can dump your yeast and trub out of the bottom, making for a very clean transfer. This helps with a cleaner, crisper beer everytime! The lid has a removable soda keg-style hatch that is pressure capable, allowing you to easily transfer using CO2 to minimize air exposure. Optional casters and leg extensions are available as well. The 14 Gallon Fermenator is designed to ferment 10 gallons at a time.


  • This is on sale for $649.99. That’s a $45 discount.
  • Rare Deal: This is a MAP item.  MAP = Minimum Advertised Price.  It’s an agreement between sellers and manufacturer’s not to sell an item below a certain price.  This generally sells for about the same price no matter where you purchase it from and rarely discounted.

Blichmann Fermenator Conical – 14 gal (Tri Clamp Fittings) BL214

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