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From Delta Brewing:

During our routine pre-shipment testing we sometimes identify issues with products. These are then made available on our site.

FermTanks With Functional Issues: These are typically issues that impact the use of the fermenter. In the case of the current fermenters, we have a couple that had a defective handle and it was identified during weight testing. The handle is shipped with the fermenter for those who may want to try to repair it but otherwise the unit will work as a stationary fermenter and fermentations are not impacted in any way.

FermTanks With Pressure Issues: These FermTanks have a clasp that is out of alignment and the fermenter may not hold pressure. This is typically fixed by placing a piece of folded cardboard underneath clamps to increase downward force on the lid. Fermentations are not affected and the fermenter works in every other way.

Currently Available:

  • 15 gallon Elite Kettle
  • 4 FermTanks, see above for issues.


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