Introducing Micro Matic PushTap 304 Faucet – One Handed Pours

Micro Matic PushTap 304 Faucet

Micro Matic PushTap 304 Faucet

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Introducing the PushTap™! This is an innovative faucet that allows you the ease of pouring any draft beverage with a single hand!

The PushTap™ uses a patented technology along with a 304 stainless steel push plate for easy dispensing. It’s safe and hygienic. Limit operator contact with germs and bacteria by placing the glass on the dispensing plate and simply, push and pour – it’s that simple.


  • Reduces points of contact
  • Single hand dispense operation
  • High-quality 304 stainless steel push plate and faucet impart no off-tastes
  • The spring-loaded action and self-closing faucet for full ‘on’ or ‘off’ pouring reduces product  loss to improper pour techniques
  • Eliminates the bad habit of submerging the faucet in the beverage
  • Works on all towers
  • Use for beer, wine, cocktails, cold brew coffee, teas, water or whatever you can think of!


Micro Matic PushTap 304 Faucet

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