FREE Book with New or Renewed AHA Membership – Choose from THREE


If you’re not a member of the American Homebrewer’s Association, I think you should consider joining – Here’s Why

For a limited time, when you join or renew your membership in the AHA… the AHA will throw in a free book.  Choose from three titles!

  • Simple Homebrewing – use promo code Simple
  • Modern Homebrew Recipes – use promo code Modern
  • Brewing Classic Styles – use promo code Classic

This was set to end on 12/31 but has been extended.  If you missed out, here’s a second chance.  In my experience, The AHA has been doing very few/no promotions early in the year, so my guess is that this will be your last chance to get a deal like this for a while.

FREE Book with AHA Membership!

aha membership deals

AND cash discounts…

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