Announcing: BrewBuilt™ Hot Liquor Tank Controller

BrewBuilt™ Hot Liquor Tank Controller

BrewBuilt™ Hot Liquor Tank Controller via MoreBeer

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The BrewBuilt™ HLT Controller is now available for pre-order. Place your order now and we will automatically ship it to you as soon as it’s available. The current estimated availability is mid February.

  • 304 stainless steel splash resistant construction
  • Industrial design using commercial quality components for long life and easy serviceability
  • On/Off thermostat control
  • Outlet fully disconnected when powered off for added safety, unlike some one-leg designs
  • Wall mount bracket allows you to get the controller off the table and out of the way

Keep your temps tight with the BrewBuilt™ HLT Controller! Perfect for keeping your sparge water or mash water at your set temperature—it allows you to control the current of a 208-240V heating element up to 30 amps. Features industrial-style power switches, and a 1/6 DIN Controller mounted on a splash resistant stainless steel enclosure. Pre-cut mounting holes allow you to hang the controller on your brew stand on the wall at eye-level. We highly recommend mounting the controller so you don’t have to worry about keeping an area of your table dry where you might lay it down. L6-30 connections with 4 ft. cords on either end. Compatible with all 208-240V elements 30 amps and lower. While L6-30 are the most common elements available, yours may need an adapter.

The HLT Controller includes a contactor to fully shut off both legs when you throw the power switch, making the free end of the cord safer when the element is not plugged in.


BrewBuilt™ Hot Liquor Tank Controller BE531

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