Monsterbrite Plate Filter – works with CO2 Pressure OR Gravity Feed – $43.96 + free ship eligible

MonsterBrite Plate Filter - Gravity Flow

Monsterbrite Plate Filter Beer/Wine via Adventures in Homebrewing

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Monsterbrite Plate Filter Beer/Wine

This Filter has two gaskets (o-rings), which perfectly seal the inner ring with both plates.

It’s easy to assemble because it has a unique fastening system – the filter plates have slots instead of holes.
This Filter will extract more yeast and particles than other commonly used filters because of its surface area.
The Monsterbrite Filter requires 8.75″ diameter pads (not included). You will need two filter pads of the same micron size for each filtering session .
You can use a pressurized tank, an electric pump, or any other mechanism to push the wine/beer through the filter. Or just let gravity do the work!


Q. Why should I filter beer or wine?
A. Filtered beer or wine has a sparkling commercial appearance. Filtered beer with little or no yeast content will also age differently, and won’t pick up yeast flavors from the sediment in your bottles (or kegs).

Q. What is the main difference between this plate filter and the cartridge filters?
A. This Filter has a large surface area that retains more yeast than the cartridge-type filters, and it removes more haze-causing particles. Filter pads are also way cheaper than cartridges. You can use a coarse filter pad to remove big particles, or you can also change to fine filter pads if you really want to polish your wine or beer.

Q. Can I use CO2 to push beer through the Filter?
A. Yes, but check with your retailer to see what extra hardware you might need.

Q. Will this filter work with gravity?
A. Yes. This filter will work by gravity feed.


  • This is on sale for $43.96.  That’s a 20% savings all by itself.
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Monsterbrite Plate Filter Beer/Wine sale

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