Announcing: StrataGem DDH Pale Ale from MoreBeer

 StrataGem DDH Pale Ale

MoreBeer has announced the availability of StrataGem DDH Pale Ale Recipe Kits.  

More about StrataGem DDH from MoreBeer:

Shall we brew a beer? Put down that can of Tab and boot up your brewing software, this Strata-forward double dry hopped pale ale isn’t playing games. StrataGem perfectly interfaces Strata and Idaho Gem™ hops to execute a DDoS attack of tropical flavor with notes of pineapple, cherry, candied fruit, and a touch of chili-cannabis-funk. A clean malt bill of light malt extract, oat malt, and white wheat runs in the background as 7 oz of hop additions overwhelm your flavor sensors. This cyberpunk pale ale might not be powerful enough to trigger global thermonuclear war, but StratGem may very well overwrite your brew schedule with viral copies of itself.


StrataGem DDH Pale Ale Kits at MoreBeer

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