Pre-Order New NUKATAP Forward Sealing Faucets – three models to choose from

Introducing Nukatap Beer Faucets!
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Introducing NUKATAP Beer Faucets!

The Engineers at Kegland have done it again, they have raised the bar on beer faucet design! The new NUKATAP is stacked with engineering improvements and is also compatible with all Intertap Faucet Accessories & Shanks. With a price tag of only $37.99, the new NUKATAP offers an amazing feature set at incredible price!

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  • This is Kegland’s much anticipated follow up to their wildly popular Intertap faucet.
  • It features… “improved laminar flow and reduced first pour foam due to its lower thermal mass. The NUKATAP is compatible with all Intertap spout accessories”
  • This is available in both stainless and flat black “Stealth Bomber”
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  • Shipping is free with a qualifying $59 order to many US addresses.
  • Easy Filler Item….  If you’re looking for a filler item to help you qualify for free shipping, consider grabbing some PBW
  • Three models are available – Stainless, Stainless in matte black “The Stealth Bomber” and a Flow Control model.
  • As of this posting, the Stealth Bomber and Flow Control are pre-order and while the uncoated stainless is in stock and ready to ship.

NUKATAP Beer Faucet – Stainless Steel D1581

NUKATAP Stainless Steel Beer Faucet – Stealth Bomber D1583

NUKATAP Stainless Steel Beer Faucet (With Flow Control) D1584

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