6 Universal Poppets for Ball & Pin Lock Kegs + Tips for Proper Fit

6Pcs Universal Poppet Valve Spring Beer Replacement Stainless Steel Beer Parts Fits Ball & Pin Lock Style Keg Post

6 x Universal Poppets

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  • ★High Quality: Made of stainless steel, it is sturdy and durable.
  • ★Rustproof: Anti-rust, corrosion resistant and safe to use.
  • ★Fit for Ball and Pin lock Keg: Fits for almost all ball and pin lock style keg posts.
  • ★Easy to Operate: Easy to use and install.
  • ★Affordable: A cost-effective replacement part for homebrew keg.


Check our my Keg Rebuild Post for Tips on Using Universal Poppets!  Jump To: Tips on Installing and Adjusting Universal Poppets

Tips for Proper Fit!

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Tips for Proper Fit!

  • I use universal style poppets exclusively when rebuilding kegs. These fit the vast majority of kegs without modification. The only issue I’ve had has been some kegs end up a bit too tight.  In this case the universal poppets are longer than OEM poppets.  This causes them to seal too tightly. There’s an easy fix.
  • Use a pair of wire cutters or Nipper Pliers  to trim the universal poppet.  Search Amazon for “nipper pliers”.  Look for a tool that’s designed to cut nail heads.
  • Important: I suggest trimming a half coil or less and testing. You want the QD to slide on easily and for it to reliably hold pressure when the QD is off. Taking off a half of a coil and testing helps make sure you don’t end up making the poppet too loose.
  • Immediately replace o-rings. Over time, I’ve learned to discard the o-rings that come with universal poppets.  Why?  Because I don’t know what they’re made of and I want to have a reliable source for replacements in the future. Replacement o-rings can vary slightly in size. If you make this change before trimming coils to size the poppet will fit correctly when the o-ring is replaced (with an identical o-ring) in the future. Grab food grade replacements in bulk, replace immediately, trim and then you’ll have spares that won’t change fit when you need them.
  • Food grade o-rings are confusingly tough to find and in my opinion, these are especially important for universal poppets as this is one point that is in constant contact with your beer.
  • Universal Poppet Replacement O-Rings – Food Safe Silicone via Valuebrew – note because of variations in design, there is no guarantee these will fit every design – Complete Lineup

6Pcs Universal Poppet Valve Spring Beer Replacement Stainless Steel Beer Parts Fits Ball & Pin Lock Style Keg Post – note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

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