Relisted… Reconditioned 5 Gallon Pin Lock Homebrew Kegs via Beverage Elements – $35.25 + Shipping OR a Better Deal

5 Gallon Pin Lock Keg Reconditioned - Homebrew Beer - Cold Brew - Free Shipping

5 Gallon Pin Lock Keg Reconditioned

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This 5-gallon pin lock style keg has a dual grip rubber handle (colors may vary) and rubber boot bottom. It has seen its fair share of parties but cleans up pretty well, and we would know because we have done the work for you. We’ve cleaned, de-labeled, sanitized, and pressure tested prior to sending on to you for all of your beverage needs. We still recommend washing kegs with warm water and a mild soap prior to use since these are still reconditioned and not new.

Pin lock kegs are typically shorter than Ball Lock Kegs, so they are perfect when your space is a little tight. The pin refers to the method of attaching the disconnects to the keg posts, these have pins (of course) which hold the disconnect securely when brewing.

O-rings, valves, and other parts are replaced on an as needed basis to ensure the keg holds pressure prior to shipment. But we still recommend keeping a spare o-ring kit on hand at all times as they do tend to have a tendency of drying out.


As if this posting, this is eBay offering via Beverage Elements is selling for $35.25.  Shipping is an additional cost.  For me, it’s almost a third of the cost of the keg… $11.25.  Hmm… Beverage Elements?

5 Gallon Pin Lock Keg Reconditioned – Homebrew Beer – Cold Brew – NSF Approved

OR a Better Deal…

Pin Lock Cornelius Keg – Without Gaskets Replaced (Pin Lock) KEG433 – for $34.99 AND free ship eligible to addresses in the contiguous US.  Buy two and they ship for free.

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