Update… Spike Brewing Equipment’s Bargain Cave – CF5 Conicals + Hands on Review

Spike Brewing Equipment’s Bargain Cave features limited quantities of discounted gear.  Selection can range wildly from new gear to, canceled custom items to commercial scale items.  Availability of items is generally very limited.

  • As of this posting multiple conicals have just become available.  That includes popular CF5 and CF10 Conicals
  • Update: CF10 Conicals have sold out but CF5 are still available as of this update.
  • Check our our Spike Reviews including Conicals and the FLEX, but I would hurry…
  • If you see something you like, my suggestion is to purchase right away as availability can change quickly.

Check out Spike Brewing’s Bargain Cave – to see what’s available, remember… availability is limited

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