MORE New Brewfather Features! Now works with Grainfather & lots more + FREE Non-Expiring Trial Account

Brewfather is a modern app designed for your computer and smart phone.  It is actively developed and regularly releases changes, fixes and new features.

Brewfather has announced loads of updates!

Brewfather version 2.4.0 released

This update adds support for 12 new languages in addition to cool new features!
Brewfather now supports: Português (Brazil and Portugal), Italiano (Italian), Español (Spanish), Deutsch (German), Pусский (Russian), Svenska (Swedish), Dansk (Danish), Magyar (Hungarian), Dutch (Nederlands), Eesti keel (Estonian), English (UK) in addition to Norsk (Norwegian) and US English.

A big thank you to the fantastic community for help with translating the app and the continued support.

⚡ New features
Language selector to select between the different new languages on the bottom of the menu or on top of the settings page

Dedicated Scale Recipe button in recipe designer for easier access to scaling

New fields on ingredients:

Lot #, track the lot # for the ingredient used, will be listed in the planning stage of the batch and locked in when you check of an item, to keep as a permanent log of the lot number used in that batch

Best before date, date will be listed on inventory page

Manufacturing date (Harvest date for hops)

Print inventory (inventory page) and ingredient shopping list (from batch planning)

You can now add a default set of custom measurement fields that will be added to new batches, configurable in the settings page under batch setup

Support for typing amount per liter in miscs, this amount will be a calculated default amount when adding that misc to a recipe

Hopcat 65, Ezbrew, Brewmonk equipment profiles

Now shows pressure from MyBrewBot

Added new hops, yeast and fermentables

Added timestamp to bottom of batches, showing created and last saved time, also shows if a batch is shared (with a button to unshare)

❕ Changed
Scaling fermentables now scales with one gram accuracy when batch size is lower than 14 L. Otherwise will use dynamic rounding based on batch size.

Minor UI tweaks, some text buttons replaced with icon only buttons

🐛 Fixed
Fixed First Wort hop IBU not accounting for lower boil temp if using altitude adjustment

Fixed scaling IBU not accounting for IBUs from fermentables if present

🌍 Bringing Brewfather to your language: If you want to help out, send an email to with your details. We are interested in dedicated Brewfather fans who got free time to translate or test.

As of this posting, for a limited time, Brewfather is offering a free non-expiring trial.  You get a full premium membership for 30 days and a limited membership after that time period.  Check Brewfather for current availability and details.

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