The Hops Chart: Visualizing Bitterness, Flavors & Aromas – 2nd Edition!

The Hops Chart - Flavor, Bitterness and Aroma - 2nd EDITION

The Hops Chart. Visualizing Bitterness, Flavors & Aromas of Beer Brewing Hops.  24″ by 36″.  via Adventures in Homebrewing

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The Hops Chart – Flavor, Bitterness and Aroma Info-Graphic – SECOND EDITION

A new year brings a brand new Hops Chart! This second edition, updated for 2017, features 46 new hops varieties and and updated data on all hops listed. Poster is printed on 80 lb. cover stock natural textured paper and measures 24″ by 36″. The Hops Chart makes a great addition to any home bar or brewery!

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The Hops Chart – Flavor, Bitterness and Aroma Info-Graphic – SECOND EDITION sale

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