3C’s Hop Extract Syringes – $7.99 or less

Hops Extract (10mls) for Beer Brewing, Wort, IPA, HopShot, Homebrew, HomebrewingHops Extract (10mls) for Beer Brewing, Wort, IPA, HopShot, Homebrew, Homebrewing

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Each syringe has 10 mls of hops extract. The blend of hops is a mix of the 3C’s. Since hop extract is used for bittering and not aroma, the varietal of hops is not important.

Most hops are $2.00-$4.00 per ounce. For bittering a 5 gallon IPA, you need 3-8oz of high AA hops. If you only have mid-low AA available, it will cost you even more to get the IBUs where you need them. Instead of spending $15.00+ in bittering hops, all you need is a few mls of hop extract. You end up saving a lot of money and you cost per batch goes down dramatically. In addition, if syringes are stored in the freezer, the shelf life is several years without any noticeable loss in potency.

Each ml will yield 10 IBUs per 5 gallons of 1.050 wort. A full syringe will yield 100 total IBUs if used in a 5gal/1.050 scenario. A higher/lower gravity wort or larger/smaller batch will affect the yield of IBUs. There are a few online calculators that will help you to find how much to use for your recipes. If you order hops extract from us and cannot locate any online resources, please message us and we will help you to locate them.

Hop extract is purchased in bulk. Syringes are filled, sealed, and immediately frozen to preserve freshness.


As if this posting, this is eBay offering is selling for $7.99 per 10 mL syringe (less if you buy more). Shipping is $1.99 to many US addresses.

Hops Extract (10mls) for Beer Brewing, Wort, IPA, HopShot, Homebrew, Homebrewing

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