Spike Brewing Equipment Carbonation Chart Poster – Slight Defect – $15 + Resource Post: Balancing Your Kegerator

carbonation chart poster


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Carbonation Chart Poster – Slight Defect

Also: No Defect Version… Carbonation Chart Poster

What is a Carbonation Chart?

The carbonation level of your beer is a function of your CO2 PSI and your kegerator temperature.  The colder your kegerator, the more CO2 your beer will absorb.  You need to decide two things: How cold do I want my beer to be and what carbonation level do I want to serve it at.

A carbonation chart is a reference to determine the right CO2 pressure based on your kegerator’s temperature and your desired carbonation level.

Lots more info… Step by Step: Balancing Your Kegerator Draft System

Step by Step: Balancing Your Kegerator Draft System

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