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Complete Lineup Omega Yeast Labs Yeast

Each of the Omega packs contains 100mL liquid yeast slurry and at least 150 billion cells.

  • Through Omega’s proprietary process, they generate the optimal number of yeast cells, which vary from strain to strain, to yield the best and most consistent performance for each.
  • As a result of genetic differences, Omega Yeast Labs has observed strain to strain variation in cell counts even under identical growth conditions. Certain strains may contain up to 500 billion cells per pack while other strains may contain slightly less than 150 billion cells per pack.
  • Most importantly, all packs contain the optimal number of viable yeast cells to ferment 5 gallons of wort up to 1.060 OG at the time of packaging.

Want to know more about Omega Yeast’s Strains?

Omega-Yeast Homebrew Strain Guide

Finding Omega Yeast

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