Light Up Your Home Brewery! – 4 x Hykolity LED Workshop Lights

4 x Hykolity LED Workshop Lights

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My home-brewery or most of my home-brewery is in my basement.  It’s in a good sized utility room that was drastically underlit for home brewing purposes.  Same story for our last house.  Basement brew area, low light.

I’ve added several similar workshop lights [different model, specs and manufacturer] to the area and it’s made a huge difference.  Instead of what seemed like a cave, I’m now in a well lit space.  Those have made a big improvement, made it easier and more pleasant to work in my brewery.

hykolity 4 Pack 4FT Linkable LED Shop Light, Utility Shop Light Fixture, 4400lm, 42W [250W Equivalent], 5000K Daylight White Shop Lights for Garage,hanging or Surface Mount, W/ Power Cord, ETL – note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

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