Announcing: Warminster Maltings at Label Peelers

Warminster Maltings

Label Peelers has announced the availability of Warminster Maltings Malt for US homebrewers

More about Warminster

  • Rich History – Established in 1855, U.K’s oldest operational maltings
  • Floor-malted – Made in traditional way – in small batches, by hand and on floors Famous –
  • Home of the first genetically bred malted barley variety, Plumage Archer – which Maris Otter was bred from in 1965
  • Noble – Warminster ownership also owns the production and marketing rights to Maris Otter
  • Terroir – Malted from barley grown in the Icknield Series soil type, one of the best soils in the world for growing barley
  • Unique – Warminster offers a low-color Maris Otter as well as an authentic Brown and Mild malt, all traditional to U.K. malting heritage

Warminster Maltings at Label Peelers – All Malt

deals on sacks of malt

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