Spincycle Weldless Kettle Whirlpool Return – $31 from Brew Hardware


SpinCycle Weldless Kettle Whirlpool Return  from Brew Hardware

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Brewers that use immersion chillers and also own a pump should know that recirculating the wort back into the kettle to whirlpool the wort makes for much faster cooling and will also make a concentrated pile of trub and hop particles in the center of the kettle bottom. This whirlpool port assembly installs high up on your kettle wall above the typical wort level and then extends down before curving to the side to force the recirculated liquid towards the sidewall.

Introducing the BrewHardware exclusive and purpose-built unit called the Spin Cycle. We started with our industry leading “True Bulkhead” weldless bulkhead design with captured O-ring and extended male threads and had the 1/2″ drop tube fully welded in. The result is THE most compact and visually stunning way to whirlpool without the need to put a ball valve on the port (the port is meant to be installed well above the max liquid level). It includes the base unit with the welded drop tube, the captured high temp silicone oring, a thin SS washer and a 1/2″ NPS locknut to hold it all together. Best of all, look at that price! You couldn’t get a professional welder to tack weld two pieces of scrap together for this much.


LENGTH: The standard setup positions the output at 10″ below the center of the bulkhead hole but you can also select 12″ or 14″. In general, the outlet height of the whirlpool is not critical. You just want to make sure it’s at least 3″ off the bottom of your pot and will remain at least 1″ below the surface of the wort (be careful to consider all the batch sizes you will use). Note that we can also make them at drop lengths that are any length between 4″ and 14″. If you want a length not listed, order the next longer size and specify the length in order comments.

POT OR KEG? The drop tube sits so close to the side wall that we need to know if it’s for a pot or a converted keg. Since you’ll install it up nice and high, it will be on a curved area of the keg. We need to make a mild bend so that the drop tube doesn’t hit the side of the keg.


These can be added to the cart in the Since the exterior of the pot will have 1/2″ Male NPT threads sticking out, you’ll have to decide how you want to attach your hose returning from the pump. Our first preference is to thread on a Camlock Type A which would be appropriate if you already have camlocks in your system. You can also use a BLQD type A if you are using that quick disconnect style. The last option would be to use a hose barb with a 1/2″ NPT female thread on it. None of these are included with this unit and will be added in the accessory list on the right.

Install Notes:
Drill a clean 13/16″ diameter hole in the upper sidewall of the pot, above the max liquid level line you plan to use. It is also important to remove any sharp edges or “burrs” from the inside edge of the hole, otherwise the oring can get torn. Pro Tip: If you are using a step bit to make this hole, drill most of the steps from the outside of the pot all the way up to the 3/4″ size. Then drill to 13/16 from the inside of the pot to remove the sharp burr. If you have a sharp edge on the outside of the pot, it will NOT affect the interior oring seal at all. It will get covered with the SS washer anyway.

If you already have a hole drilled that is larger than 13/16, such as an SS brewtech pot with a 7/8″ hole, we can install an additional “centering oring” that will position the fitting properly for a reliable seal. Select this in the option dropdown.

Insert the threaded portion of the unit through the hole from the inside of your pot or keg with only the oring in place. On the outside, install the metal washer and locknut and snug everything up with a wrench. You can simply hold the drop tube with one hand to keep it vertical while tightening the exterior locknut.
Note: Due to how close this assembly sits to the sidewall of the pot, be aware of any interior features that would obstruct the unit. One example is the Bayou Classic pots that have the interior rim that supports a basket. You can use the Spin Cycle in these pots but the install has to be done below the ledge rather than above it.


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  1. Greg Martin

    I have two of these and love them. The second I installed in a 20G Blichmann kettle. I attached a camlock disconnect to the outside and use it with my March pump to whirlpool hops for my IPAs


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