Kegland DuoTight Inline Secondary with Gauge! control each keg separately & more + DuoTight Hands on Review

Duotight Regulator with Gauge

Duotight Regulator with Gauge via William’s Brewing

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This 8mm Duotight compatible regulator with 0-60 PSI gauge fits 8mm outer diameter EvaBarrier tubing. Suitable for gas, all components are food grade. The included gauge is accurate to plus or minus 6 PSI.

Note: This unit comes with a 0-60 PSI gauge that is only ¾” in diameter. If you intend to use this regulator in the 10 to 30 PSI range, you will need to order optional gauge C93, which reads 0-30 PSI. Below 10 psi, this regulator is not very accurate. You will also need EvaBarrier tubing to connect this regulator, either our item number Z91 or Z92.

This is perfect for reducing the pressure of one gas line in a draft system – for example, with a single regulator and C02 bottle, you can set the pressure at the C02 bottle with the larger regulator (not included) and then put this regulator inline to reduce the pressure. Handy for when you want to carbonate one keg at 25 PSI and dispense another at 10 PSI.



Duotight Regulator with Gauge

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