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Amber Glass Growler – 2 Liter (Half Gallon / 64 oz) Beer Jug with Swing Lid

Amber Glass Growler – 2 Liter (Half Gallon / 64 oz) Beer Jug with Swing Lid

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Whether you are brewing for everyday personal use, as a special holiday treat, or for a gift, you need a durable, stylish, and easy-to-open storage container. The G. Francis 2 Liter Amber Growler with Locking Lid is your solution. The silicone gasket lid provides an airtight seal and reduces the chance of any potential leakage. It is securely sealed with a sturdy wire assembly and keeps out UV rays with the amber-colored glass. It can hold 2 liters of your favorite beer, wine, kombucha, soda, sauce, tea, and more. The solid glass construction means that you can finally store distilled water in the fridge without tasting plastic or metal. No plastic liner means that your beverage maintains premium flavor. It can also be used as a stylish décor display. The possibilities are endless.

  • MAKE & TAKE YOUR BREW: The G. Francis 2 Liter Amber Growler with Locking Lid includes a lid with a thick silicone gasket for an airtight, leak-free seal to provide the maximum beverage carbonation so you can refill and easily bring your beer or other beverage to an event without having to lug around bulky kegging equipment
  • PRESERVE TASTE: Amber-colored glass preserves the freshness of your drink and protects against harsh ultraviolet UV light rays that can alter the taste and experience; The amber color preserves taste and securely stores your homemade brews
  • BUILT TO LAST: Constructed from amber-colored glass with a stainless steel latch, silicone gasket, plastic lid, and brushed stainless steel handle for strength and longevity that resists rust and corrosion and gives it girth, heart, and can hold the life of your brew without exploding or shattering
  • VARIOUS APPLICATIONS: 12.5 inches (31.8cm) tall with 0.75-inch (1.9cm) tall swing lid closure on top; 4.75-inch (12.1cm) tapered base diameter; 2.8-inch (7.1cm) wide ID mouth; Holds and preserves 2 liters (0.5 gallon) of your favorite brew, batches of beer, wine, kombucha, soda, condiment, sauce, kefir, carbonated seltzer water, apple or grape juice, syrup, tea; Attractive way to display décor or store loose change, baking ingredients, cooking oils, household cleaner, and more
  • EASY TO USE: To secure your liquid, simply flip the top onto the bottle – no need to buy bottle caps; flip-top style means bottling is made simple; Easy to carry with brushed stainless steel handle that is long and wide to easily fit any size hand; Reusable so you can make multiple batches of your delicious home brew


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Amber Glass Growler – 2 Liter (Half Gallon / 64 oz) Beer Jug with Swing Lid

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