Bootleg Biology Funk Weapon #1 – Bootleg Biology Back in Stock, Limited Availability

bootleg biology funk weapon 1

High Gravity Homebrew’s quarterly allocation of Bootleg Biology yeast strains has just been announced.  These are very popular and usually sell out quickly.

Bootleg Biology!Bootleg Biology Funk Weapon #1

Check sale or product page for current availability & pricing

More About Funk Weapon #1

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

Source: West Flanders, Belgium brewery specializing in funky, sour, mixed-fermentation beers.

This rare, and commercially unavailable yeast isolate, produces pungent horse blanket and fresh leather aromas. Perfect for breaking out the funk in farmhouse-style beers.

Funk Weapon #1 is featured in the Trinity & Epic Brewing collaboration Wild Apple Saison, and Trinity’s Magical Brettanomyces Tour #4.

You can’t make every style of beer with one or two strains of brewer’s yeast, so why would you only use only one or two strains for your funky beers? This is the first release in the Dusty Bottoms Collection’s ongoing Funk Weapon Series of unique, rare Brettanomyces and Brett-like wild yeast cultures.


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