UberTap D System Keg Beer Pump – PT600 – $37.99, Save $62

UberTap D System Keg Beer Pump - PT600

UberTap D System Keg Beer Pump – PT600

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The toughest and most efficient keg party pump on the market today! UberTap combines a foot pump with multi-faucet dispensing to deliver beer 5 times faster than the common keg tap. A traditional picnic pump can dispense from 4½ beers to only 2¼ beers per minute when separate individuals pump the keg and fill cups – the UberTap pours at least 11¼ 12-oz. beers per minute. That means less waiting in line and more time enjoying the party. The foot pump provides superior pumping than a traditional hand pump, allowing consumers to pump at a faster rate and delivering greater pressure per depression. This creates a more consistent flow of beer, and the hands-free method makes it much easier to pump while holding the faucet and cup. The UberTap features a 303 stainless steel keg coupler with a black lever-style handle and a tin-nickel plated probe. It includes a foot pump with a 4-ft. hose, three plastic faucets with squeeze triggers and a 2-ft. hose for each faucet. The UberTap D System Keg Beer Pump is compatible with Anheuser-Busch, Molson-Coors, Miller, Labatt’s and most craft breweries.


Thoughts from HBF: Since you’re using air pressure instead of CO2 pressure, these are good for when you’re planning to dispense the entire keg in relatively short order.

  • This is on sale for $39.99.  That’s a whopping $60 savings.
  • HBF Reader Coupon!  As of this posting, coupon code HBF5OFF takes an additional 5% off.  Check Keg Connection for current availability. That makes this just $37.99.  That’s a total savings of $62!

UberTap D System Keg Beer Pump – PT600

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