Tips for Fighting Homebrew Boil-Overs!

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  • Start with a well-sized kettle.  Having some margin, gives you a better chance to fight the dreaded boil-over.
  • Be alert!  When your wort hits hot-break temperatures, boil-overs can happen quickly.
  • Adding hops is another potential boil-over inducing event that should be ready for.
  • Stir the Foam!  If you’re fighting a boil-over… stir the foam.  No need to stir the entire batch, just stir the very top to break up the foam more quickly.
  • A spray bottle of water (set to a moderate mist) works well to combat foam
  • A wooden spoon placed over the top of your brew kettle can help break up foam.  Personally I would not use this as primary defense.
  • FermCap-S Foam Control – This is designed to control foam.  It settles out during fermentation and actually helps increase head retention.
  • Search Amazon for “food safe spray bottle”
  • Search Amazon for “24 stainless whisk”
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Make sure the components you use are compatible and rated for your intended application.  Contact manufacturer with questions about suitability or a specific application.  Always read and follow manufacturer directions.


1 thought on “Tips for Fighting Homebrew Boil-Overs!

  1. DB

    I’ve started to use first wort hops specifically for the anti-boilover properties. My last six batches have been greater than 4.5G (corrected for 68°F) preboil in a 5G kettle. One batch was a little scary at 4.75, but the FWH held their ground.


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