Pin Lock Users Catch a Break… New Pin Lock Weldless Bulkhead from Brew Hardware



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We know our loyal customers have been looking for this one for a while and we’re happy to have finally developed a version that works like a charm and NOW even in PINLOCK. One of the biggest disappointments for new keggers that purchased Pinlock style kegs is the realization that a lot of the cool 3rd party gadgets are only made for Ball Lock kegs. Not anymore!

This assembly allows you to install a corny keg style pin lock gas post into anything with a wall up to 3/16″. The main body of the fitting has 19/32″ keg post thread on one side and 1/4″ NPT on the other. The large center hex provides a great backup for the included silicone oring and even features a recessed groove to keep the oring contained just like our line of true bulkheads.

This assembly includes everything in the picture.
Note that this assembly does not support the insertion of a standard keg diptube. The bore is a little too small and just wasn’t designed for that use.

Install instructions:
Drill and deburr a 9/16″ diameter hole.
Insert the 1/4″ NPT side of the fitting through the hole.
Thread the locknut down the threads and tighten up with a wrench on both sides.

WARNING: These parts could potentially be misused to pressurize a vessel that is not rated for pressure applications and we are adamantly advising customers to take caution and not to do this. Any sealable vessel that has a way to add pressurized gas should also have a non-defeatable pressure relief valve or similar safety mechanism.

Metal is 304SS and the rubber parts are silicone



  • It seems like ball lock keg users generally get the love when it comes to cool add-ons.  It’s great to see a new pin lock gadget!
  • This is selling for $14.99.


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