KegLand’s Bottle Filler! via William’s Brewing

KegLand Bottle Filler beer gun

KegLand Bottle Filler via William’s Brewing

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

The KegLand Bottle Filler is a great way to fill sediment free bottles or cans from a kegging system. It has been engineering to provide a smooth low turbulence path for the carbonated beer to go from the keg to the bottom of the bottle, minimizing C02 loss. Every part that comes in contact with the beer is stainless steel. Unlike counter flow chillers, a pressurizing stopper is not included or needed, the filler relies on its smooth path to the bottom of the bottle (and cold beer) to minimize foaming. A separate circuit on the filler provides a C02 purge before filling.

Keep in mind for best results, the beer in your keg should be 36° F. or less when transferring.

Use to bottle uncarbonated beer from a bottling bucket and carbonated beer straight from a keg.  Works with growlers, bottles and cans using Kegland’s Cannular Canning Machine.

  • As of this posting, William’s Brewing has this for just $49.99.
  • Shipping is free or reasonably priced flat rate to addresses in the lower 48 states depending on your order size for most items.

KegLand Bottle Filler

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