Danstar Munich Wheat Beer Dry Yeast, Expires in May… $1.50 + free bottle opener offer

Danstar Munich Wheat Beer Dry Yeast

William’s Brewing carries an extensive line of dry yeasts including Safale, Mangrove Jack’s and Lallemand Strains at generally great prices.

  • As of this posting William’s has Danstar Munich Wheat Beer Dry Yeast for just $1.50.  Note that expiration date for this is 5/20.  Limited availability.  Check page for availability and pricing.
  • Full Selection Dry Yeast
  • Get a Free Bottle Cap Gun Opener: William’s Brewing is giving away a free cap gun bottle opener with orders of $40 or more.  These both open bottles and shoot bottle caps.  Just use coupon code CAPGUN and it will be automatically added at checkout.

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