Ball Lock Keg O-Rings vs Pin Lock Keg O-Rings – are they the same?

pin lock oringsPictured:  Pin Lock and Ball Lock Post O-Rings via this Amazon offering – Universal O-Ring Ten Gasket Sets for Home Brew Kegs With Silicone Post O-Rings  – Pin Lock Post O-Ring on Left, Ball Lock Post O-Ring on Right

Generally speaking, standard pin locks and ball locks use the same o-rings.  The one partial exception are post o-rings.  Standard pin lock keg posts o-rings are slightly larger than ball lock keg post o-rings.  They’re slightly larger than dash 111, but smaller than the next size up.  You can still use dash 111 on pin locks, but they’re tight.  If you’re going to do that, I’d recommend using silicone variations because the flexibility of silicone seems to make them work better compared with Buna-N on pin lock kegs.  Of course you can also buy the right size.  I don’t have a part number on those, but some “universal” gasket sets come with both ball lock and pin lock post o-rings.

It may be difficult to see in these photos, but the left side shows a pin lock post with a ball lock o-ring installed on it.  The right side shows a pin lock post with the pin lock o-ring installed on it.  The pin lock o-ring extends out just a little bit further than the ball lock o-ring.  The ball lock o-ring is nearly flush the the lip on the post.  That small amount is the difference between the two o-rings.


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