Ball Lock Keg O-Rings vs Pin Lock Keg O-Rings – are they the same?

pin lock oringsPin Lock Post O-Ring on Left, Ball Lock Post O-Ring on Right

Standard pin locks and ball locks use identical dip tube o-rings and lid o-rings

Post o-rings are a different story.  Standard pin lock keg post o-rings are slightly larger than ball lock keg post o-rings.

It may be difficult to see in these photos, but the left side shows a pin lock post with a ball lock o-ring installed on it.  The right side shows a pin lock post with the pin lock o-ring installed on it.  The pin lock o-ring extends out just a little bit further than the ball lock o-ring.  The ball lock o-ring is nearly flush the the lip on the post.  That small amount is the difference between the two o-rings.

I recommend stocking up on food grade spare o-rings.  This is especially true for post o-rings.  I recommend you change those liberally.  See: Why Won’t My Homebrew Carbonate? Fixing Beer Carbonation Problems – for more information on that.

Buying in bulk means you save money and you’ll have spares when you need them

Food Safe Replacement O-RingsMore Info

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