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Stainless Steel Intertap Forward Sealing Beer Faucet Homebrew Keg Draft At Home

Intertap Forward Sealing Beer Faucet

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This listing is for an Intertap Chrome Plated Brass Forward Sealing Beer Faucet with a Standard Spout. All other Faucet Attachments are Sold Separately.

This Intertap Chrome Plated Faucet is similar to the Perlick Faucets in the fact that it is forward sealing, using a Shuttle Seal design. What sets this faucet apart from the rest of the faucets on the market is its threaded spigot. The threaded spigot can easily be removed from the faucet and replaced by several different attachments, including a Growler Filler Fitting, a Stout Spout, and a Ball Lock Fitting, (NOT INCLUDED). No other faucet on the market is this versatile!

  • These are selling for just $19.75
  • Shipping to addresses in the contiguous US is also free
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  • Intertaps are awesome!  Check out my Hands on Review of these great faucets.  Note that my review is of the stainless steel version.  General features and workmanship should be very similar or identical.

Intertap Chrome Plated Forward Sealing Beer Faucet With Threaded Spigot

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