Homebrew Time Saving Tip: Shorten Your Boil

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Time can be a big factor when it comes to homebrewing.  Sure, it may be nice to spend sunrise until sunset carefully hand crafting a batch (or batches) of beer, but the practicalities of life can and do factor in when we’re deciding if we can brew a batch of beer.  For your stage of life, time may not be a factor.  If so, that’s awesome.  For others, time saving tips and techniques could help you brew more often.

Shorten Your Boil

  • 15 Minute Boil: If you’re an extract brewer, boil for 15 minutes.  Extract has already been boiled.  The only reason we boil it further is to sanitize the wort and utilize hops.  Use recipe software to refigure hops and make sure to adjust your pre-boil volume to account for a very short boil.  The finished beer will not exactly match your recipe.  It may be better, but it will certainly be different.  You’ll be spending more money on hops, but cashing in on 45 minutes in time savings.
  • All Grain Brewers: Shorten your boil.  Depending on your grain bill you may be able to shorten your boil.  Adjust pre-boil volumes to compensate.  Again, this is grain bill dependent as some malts really need to be boiled longer to drive off DMS precursors.
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