20 lb Recertified CO2 Tanks – $84.50 – save money by using a larger tank

20 lb CO2 Cylinder with Handle – Aluminum – Recertified

  • Beverage Elements has Recertified 20 lb CO2 Cylinders for just $84.50.
  • Shipping is an additional cost based on your location. 
  • Save Money on CO2:  At my supplier, it’s about $5 more to refill a 20 lb tank vs a 5 lb tank.  That’s 4 times the CO2 for $5 more.  Beyond that, this means a lot of time savings.  Less lugging your tank around.  With these savings a tank upgrade will pay for itself.  Your costs will vary.  See our Tips Page for more tips and tricks
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20 lb CO2 Cylinder with Handle – Aluminum – Recertified

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