Stainless Hop Filters… from $4.32 for Black Friday, three stacking deals

Proflow Dynamics has an extensive selection of homebrew gear, fittings and disconnects anchored by their lineup of Stainless Steel Camlock QDs.

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  • Promo code BF20% gets you 20% off their homebrew category. You get another 10% off by using the any link in this post.  That figures out to about 28% off.  Considering their already, generally, great everyday prices, this is an outstanding deal!
  • ProFlow’s Homebrew Lineupyou must use a link in this post to get 10% off – remember coupon code BF20% to get an additional 20% off
  • Crazy Deals on Stacking Sale Items – Proflow has put a number of items on sale at outstanding pricesy.  THESE STACK WITH THE 20% + 10% OFF.  As an example they have hop filters starting at $6.  + an extra 20%+10% off!  That means hop filters start at just $4.32.

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