Multi-Piece Tri-Clamp Element Adapter… $18, 55% Off! w/THREE Stacking Deals


Proflow Dynamics has an extensive selection of homebrew gear, fittings and disconnects anchored by their lineup of Stainless Steel Camlock QDs.

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  • 1.5″ Tri-Clover By 1″ NPS Multi-Piece Element Adapter.
  • The back of the Element Adaptor, where the wiring goes is sealed with a 2″ Tri-Clamp Cap with a 1″ Cut Out for electric cables to pass through. (Not seen in photo, see below for list of parts included)
  • The 2″ extension tube has 2 small drain holes drilled in to keep wires dry.
  • The housing body is 2″ wide and is compatible with the ripple element.

Warning: Electric wires should be correctly connected by a qualified electrician. Use above fittings at your own risk


  • Deal #1> This is on sale for $25.  That’s a $15 savings
  • Deal #2> As of this posting, promo code BF20% takes an additional 20% off.  That makes it $20.
  • Deal #3> Using any link in this post saves you another 10%.  This third stacking deals makes this just… $18


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