Introducing: Three New Stout Kits from MoreBeer – Founders Breakfast Stout, Canadian Breakfast Stout and KBS Clones!

From MoreBeer:

Introducing Three New Stout Recipes!

Fall is almost here and that means it’s almost Stout Season (It’s all year for some of us 😉). We are excited to announce three new Stout clone kits that are sure to keep you warm through fall and winter.

First up is our “All Out Brunch Stout” a Founders Breakfast Stout® Clone. Within this jet-black libation lies an unfathomable depth of flavors of sweet chocolate, bitter coffee, and a roasted aroma. This Brunch Stout will have you floating toward the kitchen table with cartoonish anticipation.

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Next we have our “Sorry Aboot Brunch Stout” a Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout® Clone that only a hoser eh, would pass up. Similar to “All Out”, this recipe combines a variety of dark malts, cacao nibs, and ground coffee for a remarkably rich flavor profile, and then takes it to new vistas with an addition of maple syrup and Canadian whiskey-soaked oak chips. The result is a deeply complex stout that would have Bob and Doug McKenzie swearing off Elsinore beer after one sip.

To purchase your Sorry Aboot Brunch Stout, click here

Last but not least there is our “Bourbon Belle Brunch Stout” a Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout® Clone. Bourbon Belle takes the beautifully complex flavor of Brunch Stout and adds a charming southern drawl. This Brunch Stout has all those amazing flavors of sweet chocolate, bitter coffee, and a roasted aroma and then adds a little giddy-up with an addition of bourbon-soaked oak chips.

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