Free Shipping at Austin Homebrew Supply – stacks w/many sale items

As of this posting, Austin Homebrew Supply is shipping most orders of $55 or more for free to the lower 48 US States.  Double dip on savings by picking up something that’s already on sale.  As of this posting, a whopping 78 items are on sale.  That can change at any time as items sell out or selection changes.  Many but not all of this items will work with this free shipping promo.  No coupon code is necessary.  Check AHS for current availability and pricing.

Free Shipping at AHS | Sale Items at AHS

Gear and Supplies to Consider…

  1. Propper Starter Condensed Wort Can – Hands on Review
  2. NEW Ball Lock Keg – 2.5 gallon – Hands on Review
  3. Mini CO2 Regulator – marked down 57%
  4. Stainless Steel Hop Filters – both kettle and keg, multiple models on sale
  5. Glass Rinser Drip Tray – already marked down 53%
  6. Wunder Grain – 10 lb bag – on sale for $8.99, just 90 cents per lb
  7. 10 Gallon Brew Pot with Volume Markings (2 Weld) – great deal at $89.99
  8. Bootleg Biology Backyard Yeast Wrangling Tool Kit – “The experimental homebrewers dream come true”
  9. Intertap Faucets and Accessories at AHS | Hands on Review
  10. 1/2″ NP Thermometer – on sale for $9.49
  11. Ultra Barrier Antimicrobial Silver Tubing
  12. Beverage Doctor pH Meter Pen
  13. Two Hearted Clones – Two Hearted by Bell’s Brewery was the winner of Zymurgy’s Best Beer in America 2018
  14. Gigantic Selection of Clone Recipes
  15. AHS has a wide selection of recipe kits that are tweaked with BIAB All Grain Brewers in mind.
  16. Lid for Corny Keg with Dry Hop Tab – already on sale for $16.99
  17. Cornelius Keg Fermenter Lid – already marked down 45% to $10.99
  18. Yeast Starter Kit – already on sale for $65

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