32 Oz Star San Homebrew Sanitizer + Star San Tips & Tricks

Five Star Star San Sanitizer (32 oz)Star San Acid Sanitizer.  32 oz size.  No rinse when mixed properly.  Container includes built in measure.

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  • 32 oz Star San
  • Handy measuring tool built into the container
  • No-rinse sanitation

Everything you love about five Star sanitizer (Star San) but in an economical 32 oz. Container. The folks at Star San even kept the handy measuring tool built into the container making dilutions quick and easy. Star San is a go to sanitizer among home brewers, proving a true no rinse sanitation step that requires 1 minute or less. You can even place your dilutions into a spray bottle and apply directly to surfaces you want to sanitize, stretching your juice even further. Truly this stuff is a one stop shop for killing the bugs!.


Star San is my sanitizer of choice.  It is effective, food safe and no-rinse.  It is also very cost effective if you use the spray bottle method.  See: Tip: Star San Tips, Tricks and Guidelines – Using Star San In a Spray Bottle

Five star Star San 32oz – note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link


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