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Cluster Fugget Blend Hop Pellets 1 lb

Cluster Fugget Blend Hop Pellets 1 lb

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Yakima Chief Hops is known for creating inventive and exciting hop blends. Blending this combination of Cluster, Fuggle and Nugget creates an alpha content of 8.1%, making it a versatile , well-balanced hop blend. Best used with a sense of adventure and a pioneering spirit, Cluster Fugget works well in any style brewed at home with a beer in hand and an open mind. The aroma characteristics include earthy and grassy, with hints of citrus and sweet aromas.

Cluster Fugget™ is a spontaneous hop blend that is just that…a cluster Fugget of Pacific Northwestern varieties, capturing the adventurous spirit of the home brewing community. Whether it is your first batch, or your one-hundredth, every home brewer has wound up brewing a beer with a cluster Fugget of aromas and flavors. This hop blend was created in celebration of these fortunate mistakes, reminding us that no brew should be taken too seriously.

Alpha Acid: 8.1%

Beta Acid: 4.1%

Total Oils: 0.9 ml/100g


Cluster Fugget Blend Hop Pellets 1 lb

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