Get a Deal on Just Released Blichmann Brew Commander Electric Controllers! + Hands on Review

From Blichmann Engineering:

COMMAND YOUR BREW DAY with the new BrewCommander™

The BrewCommander™ Brewhouse Controller is an accurate and intuitive complete brewhouse control for automatically ramping and maintaining the temperature of your boil kettle, mash tun, or hot liquor tank. With digital power control, automated mash profile ramping, boil addition timers, pump control, delayed starting, and easy to use advanced control settings, the BrewCommander™ is clearly in a league of its own. It’s a perfect plug-and-play match for controlling the power output of your BoilCoil™ electric immersion heater or RIMS Rocket™ electric recirculation heater, or any single phase heater up to 30A at 240V (20A at 120V). Need to control a tank with more than one heater? The patent pending modular design offers the ability to add up to 4 relay modules to simultaneously control up to 5 elements!

Key Features

  • Touchscreen.
  • Advanced Temperature Control.
  • Automated Step Mashing.
  • Boil Addition Timers.
  • Customizable Settings.
  • Modular – Adapts to your system.
  • Offered in electric or gas versions.

Adventures in Homebrewing is carrying the Brew Command in 120v, 240v and gas variations. Discounts on Blichmann gear are rare. They are under MAP (minimum advertised pricing) agreements that make sales difficult.  AIH offers the equivalent to about 5% back toward a future purchase via their Rewards Program.  Also, the entire Brew Command lineup is currently shipping for free to addresses in the contiguous US.  Check AIH for current price, shipping, availability and descriptions.

Stacks With: For a limited time, AIH is giving bonus rewards points based on your purchase total.  Those can add up to an 750 points in rewards on top of the 5% or so you already get.  The great thing about this promo is that it works on lines that are typically not discounted – Blichmann, SS Brewtech and more.  This DOES work with Blichmann gear including Brew Commander Controllers!  I’ll use the 120 V version as an example.  That’s selling for $374.99 and earns 375 points + 750 bonus points or 1,125 points total.  That’s the equivalent of about $56.25 in values toward a future purchase.  Whammo!

Brew Commander Brewhouse Controllers!

Check out Hands on Review of the Brew Commander: Hands on Review: Blichmann BrewCommander Controller

Update: This promo has expired or pricing, availability or description has changed – Check the supplier’s site or product page for current availability

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Note that this is not a direct discount on any Blichmann product.  All Blichmann gear is selling for full price.  You get credit toward a future purchase.  This is a great way to get a defacto discount on these items. sale

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