New from MoreBeer Intertap Faucet Growler Filling Attachment

Stainless Steel Growler Filler - Fits Intertap Faucets D1219

from MoreBeer…  Intertap faucets combine all the benefits of forward sealing faucets but with an unmatched reliability. Most standard beer faucets use a rear sealing design where the beer that is left in the faucet after being shut off must drain through a vent hole. That creates an ideal place for airborne bacteria and yeast to reproduce creating an unsanitary condition. Intertaps seal at the front which keeps bacteria and wild yeast out of the interior of the faucet.

Intertaps are awesome!  Check out my Hands on Review of these great faucets.

Intertap Faucets and Accessories

MoreBeer has introduced the growler filler pictured above.  The Intertap lineup already features a threaded growler filler, so this is another option.

More Info

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

This is a rather simple, but extremely effective way to fill growlers from your draft system! Going to a party, but don’t want to bring a keg of homebrew? Filling straight from the faucet creates a lot of foam, and you lose carbonation. Simply plug this filler into your faucet, attach some 3/8″ tubing, and fill! This model is designed to fit Intertap faucets.


Stainless Steel Growler Filler – Fits Intertap Faucets D1219

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