Kegerator Faucet Kit – Stainless Intertap Faucet + Shank & Tubing… $65 at Brew Hardware


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From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

You’ve decided to build a kegerator but the number of individual pieces you need to buy for the conversion is a bit daunting. This kit item is our answer to help you get all the parts you need while letting you pick the specifics for your exact application. The kit will get you everything you need to get beer from the keg to your glass assuming you want to mount the faucets through the fridge door or bar wall.

Understanding all your options:

1. Shank Length (the through wall fitting that holds the faucet). The different length simply changes how thick of a wall it will fit through. Keep in mind that the actual accommodated wall thickness is about 1.25″ less than its rated length. For example, the 3″ shank can get through 1.75″ wall thickness. All options are 304 stainless steel with a 1/4″ Bore. All shanks require a 1″ diameter hole to be drilled through your fridge door or freezer collar. The easiest way to measure the wall thickness in a complex variable thickness fridge door is to drill the first faucet hole and stick a tape measure in there.

2. Faucet Type
There are several faucets to choose from at different price points, materials and designs.

The cheapest unit is the Chrome-plated brass economy faucet. These come standard on commercial kegerators and are mostly known for their tendency to get stuck in the closed position after sitting for a day or two. If you are completely bound by budget and don’t mind spraying some warm water in the spout once in a while to unstick them, this is the unit for you.
Next up is the all-304-Stainless Steel forwarding sealing design. The Intertap faucet is a new offering from Keg King and is based on the old popular Ventmatic faucets. Never before could you get a forward sealing faucet in stainless for under $40 and these are under $30! We like these quite a bit and due to the build quality and value, it’s the standard option for this kit.
The last option would be the Intertap Flow Control for people that want to perfectly dial in their pour rates even with variable carbonation levels.

3. Keg Connection type.
Select the type of keg you are connecting to:
Ball Lock Corny kegs. The kit will come with the ball lock black beverage QD. This is the default setting.
Pinlock kegs . The kit will come with a pinlock black beverage QD.
Sanke commercial beer keg. The commercial keg option adds a Stainless Steel Sanke Type D coupler to the kit. Note: it does NOT include gas hose.

All kits include 10 feet of Accuflex Bev-Seal Ultra 235 beverage tubing and the appropriate fittings to connect from the back of the shank to the keg connector you have chosen. All hose connection parts that touch liquid are NSF and FDA Certified.

What is NOT included: The handles for the faucet.The gas side connections, pressure regulator, co2 tank, etc. This just gets liquid from your keg to your glass.


This combo from Brew Hardware gets you a stainless Interap faucet (these are awesome, see a link to my review below), a shank tubing a QD (ball or pin lock) and related hardware all for just $65.  That’s a bargain.  Additional options (including sanke, flow control faucet and different shank lengths) are available for an additional cost.  Check product page for current price, description and availability.


Intertaps are awesome!  Check out my Hands on Review of these great faucets.

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