Black MAXXX Stir Plate – 5 Gallon Capability

Black MAXX International Stir Plate

Black MAXX International Stir Plate

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

  • Graduated aluminum dial face and 2 speed ranges. Once you know where your stir plate needs to run you can “set and forget”.
  • PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology is a better solution than a regulator based controller – PWM allows better motor speed control with less wasted energy.
  • Low Profile, Compact Design – Measuring just over 2.5″ high and just over 8″ width and 7″ depth, our low profile case has a wide firm footing. This plus the 4 skid resistant rubber feet makes knocking your stir plate off the counter much less likely than other “cheap stir plates”.
  • Includes international Energy Efficiency Level VI Power Supply with adapters to support power mains connections in the UK, US, AU/NZ, EU and CCC
  • Includes Stir Bar – One 2″ long stir bar plus a flat “keeper magnet” you use to hold the stir bar in your flask while pouring out your starter.

Ships with our new international power supply to cover the International Market, including UK, EU, AU and NZ. The only low cost stir plate designed to spin a 5 gallon batch. Over 4 months of design and research went into this model. Our goal was to design a stir plate that would easily spin a 5 gallon high gravity beer, MEAD or starter and still cost under $200. We went though many false starts and literally dozens of motor & magnet combinations before we got this one right. The magnets are massive – so strong that if we accidentally stick two together we can’t pull or slide them apart. But they have to be strong enough for the stir bar to self center in the bottom of your 5 gallon carboy. The included stir bar measures a full 2″ long. Everything in this stir plate is geared towards LARGE.

Black MAXX International Stir Plate

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