Anvil Foundry Brewing System – now available at Adventures in Homebrewing + Hands on Review!

Adventures in Homebrewing has picked up Anvil’s new Foundry All in One Systems

From the 10.5 gallon system description: “The most versatile brewing system on the market, the 10.5 Gallon Anvil Foundry All-in-One Brewing systems is loaded with innovative features, designed for homebrewers. The Anvil Foundry holds up to 16 lbs. and increases batch efficiency with the uniquely designed High Flow Grain Basket, with 150% more perforations, drastically reduces the chance of a stuck mash. Double wall insulation helps increase heating speeds and maintains mash temperatures. Linear digital power control allows you to fine tune your boil and the switchable voltage, between 120V 1600W and 240V 2800W, means faster heating and better boils. The included high capacity stainless Immersion Chiller with Hoses & Fittings quickly chills your batch after the boil.”

Hands on Review: Anvil Foundry Brewing System! sale

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