Where to Buy? Cereal Killer Grain Mill – Adventures in Homebrewing vs Austin Homebrew Supply? + Hands on Review

The Cereal Killer Grain Mill from Adventures in Homebrewing and Austin Homebrew Supply is homebrew grain mill that features two adjustable rollers.  It has a 7 lb capacity hopper and includes a base.  We hear consistently great feedback about this great mill!  Check out my Hands on Review

AIH vs AHS?  If you’re trying to decide between purchasing this at AIH and AHS… The first thing to check is current promos.  One site may have a deal going where the other does not.  If that’s not the case or they are similar deals, consider AHS.  One neat thing that Austin Homebrew Supply has going on is a selection of all grain recipe kits that also ship for free.  Kind of nice to add on a kit or two to use with your new mill.  Since the recipes ship for free, your whole order will ship for free.  Notwithstanding current promos, I’d give a slight advantage to AHS when you’re ready to order this great mill.  Of course, since there’s no minimum order for the free ship all grain kits, you could get your mill at AIH and grab a couple recipes at AHS.

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