Flash Sale: 16.59% Off at Austin Homebrew Supply – matches Black Friday + now 29 application ideas

As of this posting, Austin Homebrew Supply is taking a whopping 16.59% off sitewide, with some exclusions when you place a qualifying $49 order.  This sale DOES stack with many items that are already on sale. Use coupon code US1659 to get the deal.  Check Austin Homebrew Supply for current availability.

This is the highest percent off sale I can recall at AHS, at least in recent history and ties their Black Friday 2018 sale.

16.59% Off at Austin Homebrew Supply!

Update: This promo has expired or pricing, availability or description has changed – Check the supplier’s site or product page for current availability

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Some ideas…

  1. Hop Rhizomes
  2. Propper Starter Canned Wort – Hands on Review
  3. Tilt Hydrometers!Hands on Review
  4. The BrewJacket Immersion Pro Temperature Control SystemHands on Review
  5. What’s New?  Works with many, but not all items
  6. Sale Items – works with many, but not all
  7. Free Shipping (to lower 48 US states) on Kits!  Extract | Mini Mash | All Grain
  8. Fermenting Bucket without Lid (8 gallon) – on sale for just $11.99
  9. Beverage Doctor pH Meter Pen
  10. 10 Gallon Igloo Cooler Mash Tun With False Bottom AND Hot Liquor Tank
  11. Gigantic Selection of Clone Recipes
  12. AHS has a wide selection of recipe kits that are tweaked with BIAB All Grain Brewers in mind.
  13. 10 Gallon Brew Pot with Volume Markings (2 Weld)
  14. Cornelius Keg Fermenter Lid – already marked down 45% to $10.99
  15. The Catalyst
  16. High Output Jet Propane Burner
  17. Bootleg Biology Backyard Yeast Wrangling Tool Kit
  18. Select Stainless Hop Filters are on sale starting at $30
  19. Draft Jockey Box – already marked down $30 to $169.99
  20. All Grain Brewing Upgrade – for extract brewers going all grain
  21. Cereal Killer Grain Mill– Hands on Review – grab one of these all grain kits to qualify for more off and shipping will still be free.
  22. Pin Lock w/Paintball Regulator Kegging System – $62.55!
  23. Pin Lock System Kegging System – $83.40!
  24. Ball Lock w/New Kegging System – $133.45
  25. Low Profile Ball Lock System – $100.09
  26. Antimicrobial Tubing
  27. Set of Four 5 Gallon Ball Lock Kegs (USED)
  28. Intertap Faucets and Accessories – Intertaps are awesome!  Check out my Hands on Review of these great faucets.
  29. Yeast Starter Kit – $54.22 w/stacking deals

Also: Check out Austin Homebrew Supplies Sale Items – Selection Changes Regularly

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