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distilled hop oil

Distilled Hop Oils via MoreBeer.

About, via MoreBeer: “Distilled hop oil is an amazing new product we are making available to homebrewers. Distilled hop oil varies from other oils in that it is produced from fresh hops, as opposed to dried and processed pellets. Distilled hop oil delivers the same wet hop character that was previously only possible to acquire with the use of freshly harvested hops. The oil is extremely shelf stable, so you can now brew a consistant fresh hop IPA all year long. Extremely volatile, this oil should only be used for aromatic applications; typically applied at bottling/kegging.”…

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From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

“Distilled hop oil is very potent; add to taste. We recommend using roughly 0.5-1 ml per 5 gallon batch, if replacing 50-100% of a dry hop, added directly to the beer prior to bottling or during kegging. Be careful to not push off the volatile aromatic compounds (disturb the beer as little as possible and reduce oxygen exposure). Most staff members here found that 1ml per 5 gallons was “too hoppy” when replacing 100% of the dry hop. Hop heads (myself included), found that the 1 ml per 5 gallon dosage gave a pungent, fresh, pleasurable and unique hop experience. Tasting these oils is as close to being in Yakima for hop harvest as possible!”


As of this posting, MoreBeer has two distilled hop oil varieties available – El Dorado and Chinook.  Both are on sale.  Prices start at $4.99.  Check site for current price, selection and availability.

Distilled Hop Oils at MoreBeer

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