SEOH 1 Liter Erlenmeyer Flask + Yeast Starters & Fermentation Resources

SEOH 1000ml Graduated Glass Erlynmeyer Flask

1,000 mL/1 Liter Borosilicate Erlenmeyer Flask by SEOH

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  • Capacity (ml) 1000
  • Widest Diameter (mm)145Height (mm) 215
  • Graduation Interval (ml) 100 with Range of 400-1000
  • Material Borosilicate Glass

These graduated glass 1000ml erlyenmeyer flasks feature white enamel graduations and writing patch and a flared mouth.These flasks are sold as eaches. Texas Residents: Under Texas State Law, this product requires a Precursor Chemical/Laboratory Apparatus NAR-120 permit to ship to a Texas address. After purchase, the seller will contact you via email to verify your permit. Failure to provide a valid permit will result in a cancellation and refund of your order.


Use for yeast starters to increase cell counts to have better and more vigorous fermentations.  Also: StirStarterYeast Starters & Fermentation

SEOH 1000ml Graduated Glass Erlynmeyer Flask

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