Reader Tip: THREE Roller Grain Mill

Thanks to HBF Reader Jeremy for this tip!  [8 Ways to Connect with HBF]XuanYue Barley Grinder Crusher Stainless 3-Roller Grain Mill Homebrews Beer Brewing Grain Crusher Machine For Grains Corn Barley

XuanYue Barley Grinder Crusher 3-Roller Grain Mill

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

  • Hand-Cranked & Electric Drill–The mill can be cranked with the help of electric drill.It can greatly improve the working efficiency.
  • 6061 aluminum block frame with three 6″ long x 1.5″ dia.knurled steel rollers riding on SAE 841 oil- impregnated bronze bushings.
  • Dual eccentric adjusters made with stainless steel for no galling.
  • Easy to adjustment-Just loosen the adjustment screws,adjust the gap and tighten the adjustment screws.
  • This 3-Roller barley crusher can use with malted various grains,corn.Great for beer making at home.

Some thoughts about crush… Crush is a pretty big deal when it comes to efficiency.  Homebrew shops have a tendency to under mill grain.  I think the reason for that is ease of use, with the thinking that a more coarse crush equals few stuck mashes and more happy customers.  I guess it’s possible that a shop mill could over mill grain too.  The point is, when you’re using someone else’s mill, it’s up to them how you mill your grain.

Milling your own grain… 1.  Gives you control over the crush of your grain.  That’s a big factor in efficiency.  2.  A mill allows you to fine tune for your equipment and process.  You know what the crush is going to be since you set it.  3.  A mill allows you to save money by buying whole bags of grain at a discount, and 3.  The shelf life of unmilled grain is longer than pre-milled grain.  Freshly milled grain = better tasting beer.

XuanYue Barley Grinder Crusher Stainless 3-Roller Grain Mill Homebrews Beer Brewing Grain Crusher Machine For Grains Corn Barley

2 thoughts on “Reader Tip: THREE Roller Grain Mill

  1. Steve

    You posted this as having stainless rollers. The unit does not say they are stainless, just “steel”. Huge difference. Please verify as the plain steel rollers on these will round out in a years use and no longer be able to pull grain into the mill. The upgraded models of this usually come with hardened steel rollers, not stainless either. The only stainless mentioned are the cam adjusters.

    1. admin Post author

      Hey Steve, That’s fair feedback. The fact that stainless is included in the product title lead me to believe that the rollers were stainless, but it doesn’t explicitly state that. I’ll update the post.


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