220 lbs Viking 2 Row Pale Ale Malt – for $145.78 – 66 cents per lb – equivalent to $33.13 per 50 lb sack! + Free Shipping

viking 2 row pale ale malt

$30 Off!  As of this posting, MoreBeer is discounting most orders of $170 or more by $30.  Use promo code EZ30 to save $30 off qualifying orders of $170 or more. Check out our post on this sale for a large list of application ideas.

Bulk Grain Deal + Shipping Workaround: This sale applies to Viiking 2 row pale ale malt.  The 10 lb size is the largest that qualifies for free shipping.  It’s selling for just $7.99 for the unmilled version.  Purchase 22 of those and your pre-discount total would be $175.78.  Apply coupon code EZ30 and you’ll save another $30.  Your discounted total will be $145.78.  That figures to just 66 cents per lb of the equivalent of $33.13 per 50 lb sack and… free shipping is still free to addresses in the contiguous 48 US States.  Whammo!

Note: I typically get questions/concerns when I post this workaround, please read… Although bags of grain do not ship under MoreBeer’s free shipping program… this is a loophole of sorts.  I chose the largest size that DOES ship for free.  If you use this technique you will receive 22 x 10 lb bags of grain, not a single 50 lb sack.

Viking 2-Row Pale Ale Malt – bulk grain deal!

Update: This promo has expired or pricing, availability or description has changed – Check the supplier’s site or product page for current availability

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1 thought on “220 lbs Viking 2 Row Pale Ale Malt – for $145.78 – 66 cents per lb – equivalent to $33.13 per 50 lb sack! + Free Shipping

  1. Dan

    I’m on the fence, as some of the reviews reference an 8-10% efficiency drop when comparing to Briess/Great Western malts. I know you can add more grain to compensate for the loss, but should you have to? Any thoughts?


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