280 x BSG Carb Tabs – Carbonating Tablets

BSG Carb Tabs 280 Count

BSG Carb Tabs 280 Count

  • For carbonating homebrew
  • Each pack contains approximately 280 tablets
  • Pure corn sugar

Recommended dosage is 3-5 tablets for a 12 FL. Oz. Bottle. Condition for 2 weeks at room temperature.High Carbonation: 5 tablets. Normal Carbonation: 4 tablets. Low Carbonation 3 tablets. Each Pack contains approximately 280 tablets. Made from Pure Dextrose.

These take the place of traditional priming sugar.  Carbonation tabs are also handy if you keg, but still want to naturally carbonate a few bottled beers.  In that scenario, you would keg the majority of your beer and bottle portion of the batch adding these to each bottle so that you can skip a bottling bucket and traditional priming sugar.

BSG Carb Tabs 280 Count

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